Behavior Support Toolkit:

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Behavior Support

How To Use This Toolkit

Are you wondering

how your Club can promote positive behavior and respond to challenging behavior in a constructive way?

Do you wish

your Club a had a system so that all staff knew how to respond to youth behavior in the same way?

Are you interested

in creating a Club culture that supports and encourages positive youth behavior?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you have come to the right place!

We respond to behavior based on how we understand it. The way we understand behavior impacts how we feel about it, how we talk about it, and ultimately, how we structure behavior support policies and practices.

The Behavior Support Toolkit is designed to help Club directors and managers assess their Club or Youth Center’s current behavior support strategy, create new behavior support policies, and learn effective behavior support practices. The toolkit will introduce a wide variety of resources to support youth.

The behavior support approach outlined in the toolkit incorporates trauma-informed concepts and values with the goal of creating safe and supportive interactions with youth to  build skills.  To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s trauma-informed approach, visit


The Behavior Support Toolkit has moved! Please follow this link to the new version of the toolkit available to all Boys & Girls Clubs Professionals: BEHAVIOR SUPPORT TOOLKIT –

The Behavior Support Toolkit outlines a comprehensive approach to assessing and improving the ways Club and Youth Center staff respond to and support youth behavior. Use this toolkit to examine and improve your Club's policies, practices and programs.


Policies are written guidance on how Club professionals, youth, and families are expected to act.

Examples include: membership packets, employee handbooks, and program expectations


Practices are the actions that Club professionals take to respond to and support youth behavior.

Examples include: creating group agreements, and how they respond to challenging behavior


Programs are the activities and experiences youth are guided through while at the Club.

Examples include: structured programs, discussions, and activities

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